Body Detoxification

3 days rigorous ayurvedic body detoxification package only at Sparsh Ayurveda Indore

Sparsh Ayurveda’s body detoxification (sharir shuddhikaran) package has been created after lot of research as to address complete need of the body for rejuvenation. Result is effective inner scrubbing of all parts of body. Its a power packed 3 days package at most economical rates including many free benefits. As per Ayurveda shahstra, one must go for body detoxification to remain healthy. Just like a car requires timely servicing for increasing its mileage, our body also requires inner and outer servicing to look young and feel energetic. Shastra suggests that one must go for body detoxification every 6 months. Human body is like a machine which over a period of time accumulates ama (body toxins) inside various parts of the body. This ama prevents body parts to work effectively.  Body detoxification removes these toxins from the body.

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