Online Consultation

Why online consultation?

Sparsh Ayurveda Panchkarma Wellness Clinic is located at Capital Tower, Sapna Sangeeta Road, Indore. For all those patients who finds it difficult to physically visit the clinic because of time or distance issue, its now possible to get the consultation at Sparsh Ayurveda Clinic. However we recommend patients to go for online consultation only if clinic is far from their residence.

Online v/s face-to-face

At Sparsh Ayurveda we have worked on every detailing to give same experience to patient irrespective of physical consultation or online  consultation. An online consultation with doctor is no way inferior to face to face interaction. Obviously any therapy like Panchakarma and Pain relief therapies are not possible through online consultation.


Monday to Saturday (10.30 AM – 2 PM and 5-8 PM).  We suggest that once you finish online payment, please keep your reference number ready against the online payment and call us at 7400-60-60-60. The staff will connect to the doctor with you on same day and at shortest possible time. It generally takes 15 minutes to have proper discussion with the doctor. Please note that at Sparsh Ayurveda, online consultation is done through whatsapp video call on +91-7400-60-60-60.

things to be kept ready for online consultation 2

Past medical history

Just keep all those things ready which you would bring to any new doctor when you visit him face to face.  All your past medical reports, prescription papers etc must be kept ready. The patient would be asked detailed questions which would help physician to arrive at the PRAKRITI of the patient.

medicines to be procured from market


We will take care of all your medical needs. Medicines as per prescription letter will be couriered next day and you should be able to receive it at your door step in next few days. It might happen that you may have to purchase few medicines from your nearby ayurvedic medical shop. 


Sharing prescription and other details

Doctor’s prescription paper mentioning medicine details and frequency of taking medicines along with information on your diet chart and do’s/don’t about your daily routine is sent on your whatsapp number and also email ID.

Still more queries ?

Please don’t hesitate and make call to Sparsh Ayurveda at +91-7400-60-60-60. Our staff will guide you on the process of online consultation.

Pay fees by using our secure payment mechanism to initiate online consultation.