About Us

We at Sparsh Ayurveda believe in bringing about a change, a positive transformation in people’s lives by inculcating the values and wisdom gained from the ancient science of Ayurveda. Sparsh Ayurveda provides individualised health care consultation, panchkarma therapies and ayurvedic medicines along with knowledge of yoga asanas which help in curing the disease from its roots.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Sparsh Ayurveda clinic has experienced team of Ayurevda doctors including Panchkarma specialist, Nadi analysis specialist and Yoga specialist. Ayurveda has magic of curing almost all sort of chronic illness which are difficult to get cured by allopathy. Dr Satish Agrawal (BAMS, MD Ayurveda), is founder for Sparsh Ayurveda center assisted by Dr Pratibha Agrawal (B.A.M.S, MA – Yoga) and Dr Sushma Khandelwal (BAMS, MD Ayurveda).

Treatment Methodology

Patient is treated to his satisfaction. The treatment including Panchkarma and pain relief therapies are cost effective at Sparsh Ayurveda. We take care of follow-up routine of patients. Patients are called or reminded for routine re-check if required. Panchkarma therapies is advised to patients only if necessary. Medicine for a specific health related issue is based on PRAKRITI or Ayurvedic profile of the person. Depending on prakriti of person (Vata based, Pitta based or Kapha based), medicine chart is customized.

In Ayurveda, line of treatment varies from one person to another even for a similar ailment. If a patient has similar symptoms and specific medicines are suggested to him, another patient with same sort of health issues might get totally different medication. That’s because while deciding the dose and choice of a drug for a particular patient, many factors are considered in Ayurveda unlike in case of Allopathy where one disease will have same medicine for every patient.

Wherever applicable, specific yoga asanas are taught to patients by the Yoga expert so that the right yoga asana coupled with right medication gives a perfect solution against the health issue of the patient.