Anubhuti Gift Card

Planning to buy a gift for someone? Why not to give a gift of wellbeing…a gift of care…a gift of body rejuvenation !!

Purchase Sparsh’s Anubhuti Body Rejuvenation Gift Card. The card can be purchased directly from centre . Alternatively you can also purchase it online. Scroll to end of this page to purchase it online. Gifting Anubhuti health gift card is mesmerising way to show how much you care for your near and dear ones.

What is "Anubhuti" card

“Anubhuti” heath gift card is a prepaid body rejuvenation health gift card which gives benefits of various body rejuvenation therapies.

As the name signifies, it is “anubhuti” or “experience”. Experience of real body rejuvenation. 

The card holder is entitled for 120 minutes of pure body rejuvenation therapies in single sitting at Sparsh Ayurveda Centre in Indore. Body rejuvenation will include Shirodhara (~30 minutes), Nasya (~ 15 minutes), whole body herbal oil massage (~30 minutes), whole body potli massage (~30 minutes) and steam bath (~15 minutes).

The wonderful 120 minutes of body rejuventaion experience is worth a thousand gifts because experiences always remain in meomories !!!

How to get "Anubhuti" card

The gift card can be purchased by physcally visitng the centre or if visiting the centre is not possible than it can also be purchased online. Click the “Pay Now” button to purchase the card. Post successful online payment, a payment ID number of the transaction will be generated which will be sent on your email id and SMS. This payment ID number can be quoted by you or your beloved one at the centre while availing the benefits of Anubhuti gift card. The validity of the card will be 3 months from date of purchase. For any further query or details, feel free to drop us email on or call us at +91-7400 60 60 60 or visit us at Sparsh Ayurveda, Capital Tower, Sapna Sangeeta Road, Indore (MP).