Ayurved text and Corona Epidemic

The corona virus COVID-19, which first came into existence in December 2019 from the city of Wuhan, China, showed its macabre form over the entire human race in almost all the countries of the world in a span of just three months. Not only have thousands of people lost their lives due to this epidemic, but many millions of people have also been infected by it. This virus reaches into the lungs, causing pneumonia and breathing problems, due to which the affected person dies.

There are three main reasons behind this formidable form. Since it first came into existence, antibodies against it do not exist in our body. Another reason is the

prolonged incubation period of the virus, which is 4 to 14 days, that is, if a person is infected, the symptoms of the disease will appear in that person after 4 to 14 days. And in this time frame, the infected person can infect another thousand persons. The third reason is the ability of the virus to survive for 6 to 10 hours on the external environment and objects. Due to these reasons its infection rate is very high.

Today all the scientists of the world are engaged in finding vaccines and medicines to neutralize this virus and in a short time will also achieve success. But will it be a permanent solution to such disasters? In the past, SARS, BIRDFLU, SWINE FLU have spread in the form of pandemic, today they have been replaced by Corona virus. Tomorrow another new virus will replace Corona.

If we do not understand the root cause of the occurrence of this kind of epidemic, then every time we will keep getting entangled in the solution of the new epidemic.

In all the ancient codes of Ayurveda, such epidemic is mentioned, which is called Janpadadhvansa (जनपदोंध्वंस) i.e destruction of the district or colonies or societies or even countries because of epidemic).

In Ayurveda, three reasons have been given for the occurrence of any disease. First is – improper use of five senses (असात्म्य इंद्रियार्थसंयोग). Second – unrighteous human behavior on account of not applying wisdom (प्रज्ञाअपराध) and third – results of actions performed (परिणाम). Pragya means to engage in improper actions when there is a distortion in the intellect. Parinaam called ‘Kaal’ because Kaal is the result of all good and bad deeds in the form of unrighteousness and will give its fruits accordingly.

When the religion is destroyed by the destruction of the power of wisdom, then natural qualities of air, water and land of that country gets depleted. And at the same time disease of same nature arises in all human beings of that society which destroys the whole society.

That is, the unrighteousness caused by improper use of wisdom (प्रज्ञापराध) is the root cause of Janpadadhvansa. This is perfectly visible in today’s modern times or Kalyug. Today, due to materialism and accumulation of wealth, men is moving in improper ways, which is iniquitous. Men might have reached the moon or other planet, but being corrupted by religion and virtue, he is helpless before nature.

In neutralize and remove effects of Janpadadhvansa, Ayurveda has emphasized not only on use of medicines and treatment but also on donations, mercy, truthful words, devotional worship, Guru Seva, Sadvatra, Brahmacharya, study of Dharma Shastras etc. Equal emphasis is on adherence.

If we behave according to faith and religion again, we will definitely be saved from other epidemics in future. The current thing is about medicines, in order to reduce the side effects of the corona virus and to increase physical immunity, the following experiments have been made in the habit.

  1. Take 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder daily with 1 cup milk.

  2. Chew 5-6 basil leaves and consume 10 ml of Giloy juice throughout the day.

  3. Take 2gm cinnamon powder with honey every evening.

  4. Perform regular avlom-vilom pranayama.

In addition to this, to protect against this disease and to prevent the spread, keep the following things in mind.

  1. Maintain social distance, because this virus is easily transmitted to another person by coming into contact with the infected person.

  2. Use handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing or sneezing.

  3. When outside the house, wash your hands with sanitizer every 1 to 2 hours as this virus survives for 6 to 10 hours on the things present in the environment.

  4. Immediately see your doctor if you have a sore throat, sore throat, fever.