Free Ayurvedic Consultation – Every Saturday

“Dr. Satish Agrawal checking the patient.”

Moto of Sparsh Ayurveda Clinic is to serve the community and bring Ayurveda, the ancient magical healing therapy, to masses. More and more people are turning towards Ayurveda after getting non-satisfactory results in modern medicines.

Getting inspired from patients themselves for their 1st choice of treatment as Ayurveda now, team at Sparsh Ayurveda has decided to put FREE Ayurvedic Camp every Saturday at the clinic itself. There will be no registration charges and no fixing of appointments.

The first FREE AYURVED camp was put up at Sparsh Clinic on 21st April 2018 which got huge response from the patients and society. Patients from all sorts of diseases took participation in this camp. Especially patients suffering from Asthma, Joint Pains, Skin problems, Spondylitis etc had turned out in more numbers.  2nd FREE AYURVED camp was again available for patients on 28th April 2018 which again saw lots of patients participating in the camp.

As per Dr Satish Agrawal, Founder Sparsh Ayurveda, “FREE AYURVED SHIVIR / Camp gives a chance to people to adopt Ayurveda and its healing magic. We will continue offering FREE AYURVED SHIVIR every Saturday at our clinic so that Ayurvedic treatment can be adopted by more and more people thereby giving them assured and permanent relief from diseases which are difficult to get cured through modern medicines”