Common health problems in female – Interview with Dr Satish Agrawal (AIR Radio)

In India, women have varied health problems and to discuss on this topic, an interview with Dr Satish Agrawal was relayed by Parasar Bharti on 29th May on Indore station.  Brief clipping of the same is as under:


Q. Tell us something about common health problems in Indian females.

The common health problems in  Indian females can be broadly discussed under three different categories-

  1. Due to malnutrition
  2. Due to hormonal imbalance
  3. Due to infection

Anemia (deficiency of hemoglobin) and osteoporosis(deficiency of vitamin D) are the most common diseases occurring due to malnutrition.

Hypothyroidism and Dysmenorrhoea are the common diseases occurring due to hormonal imbalance.

Urinary tract infection and Leucorrhoea (white discharge) are the common diseases occurring due to infection.

Q. Tell us about causes of aforesaid mentioned diseases.

In Indian scenario, and particularly females living in villages and in joint families, have the habit of taking meals     after serving the whole family.  Also they suffice their appetite if the food remains insufficient after feeding the whole family. Secondly, as a part of natural phenomenon of having menses every month, they are prone to develop anemia, if they don’t include enough iron rich eatables in their diet. Both of the above reasons account for anemia in them.

Whereas  women living in urban area are more to develop osteoporosis as compared to women living in villages as urban females fully cover themselves with stroll thus avoiding  total exposure to sun rays  and it is known fact that sun-rays is essential for synthesis of vitamin D. Moreover they are reluctant for fats which again is good source of vitamin D.

Peeping into the reasons for hormonal imbalance, the commonest cause is suppose to be suppression of their feelings, wishes or dreams before their husband and in-laws which in long run leads to tendency towards hormonal diseases.

Avoid drinking lack of water, ignoring cleaning of covered parts and urogenital infection in male partner in married women are common causes of infection in them.

Q. Describe common symptoms for above diseases?

Poor appetite, tiredness and weakness, low blood pressure, irritability, hairfall and scanty menses are common symptoms of Anemia.

Muscle pain, tiredness and weakness, and tendency towards fracture are common symptoms of Osteoporosis.

Disturbed menses, weight gain, swelling over body, drowsiness, weakness, hoarseness of voice, stubborn anemia and hairfall are common symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

Painful menses is commonly called as Dysmenorrhoea in medical terms.

Burning and painful voiding of urine with increased frequency are common symptoms of urinary infection.

Profuse white discharge with or without foul smell and itching are common symptoms of Leucorrhoea.

What lifestyle modifications and dietary rules should be followed to prevent these health hazards ?

Enough green leafy vegetables such as spinach, fruits like apple, dates and little of jaggery should be included in routine diet to avoid Anemia.

Exposure to morning sunrays, intake of sufficient ghee and dairy products, cereals such as ragi should be included in routine diet to avoid Osteoporosis.

Sharing of ones feelings with husband and family, and try to be mentally happy can help a lot in avoiding hormonal imbalance.

Drinking sufficient water, maintaining proper cleaning of genital and covered parts, and convincing husband to take proper medical treatment in case she is suffering from some genitor-urinary problem can prevent infective disease to a great extent.