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Sparsh Ayurveda has launched its YouTube channel. You can watch all videos by clicking YouTube icon on top left corner of homepage of this website or you can also login to

There is abundant information available online on almost every available topic related to health. Also information on Ayurveda is easily accessible through online medium in today’s time. However how much information is verified remains a question mark.

We have ensured that whatever content is given in our YouTube videos are verified either through texts written in Ayurveda Shasta or have evidence based proof basis patients feedback.

Subscribe to YouTube channel of Sparsh Ayurveda and keep getting authentic information on Ayurveda. The topics in videos are always focused for general public and anyone can follow and understand the content of video to enrich himself by assimilating age-old wisdom of Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is oldest known medicinal system in the world. It gives permanent relief with no side effects. Give Ayurveda a chance !!!